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Born in 1947 in Brooklyn, New York John Staluppi started his life from humble beginnings. His father, Francis, was a hard working electrician who worked two jobs to make ends meet and his mother Millie was a homemaker.

It was the 1950's - the golden years of the American automobile. There would never be another era like it and John Staluppi was fortunate enough to have witnessed the innovation, imagination, and vision in the automotive industry.

Even though his father encouraged him to become an electrician, John was already bitten by the car bug. His father did, however, teach John the value of quality, hard work, family and friends. John went for the American dream and had the courage to do what he really loved – to be a part of the automotive industry in America.

He was rebellious and had a run in with the law in his youth, but was able to move forward in a constructive manner. First, he started out as a 16 year old mechanic. John was motivated and talented and soon became an expert in cars. It was at this time that his dad recognized John's exceptional drive and decided to help. His father took out a loan so his son could run a Sunoco station. John Staluppi is incredibly grateful to his father for his support and guidance during that time.

Through creative marketing, John was able to make this and other gas stations a success. With these successes and practical experiences, he was able to take a risk on a venture called Honda - an unknown name at the time. John Staluppi was, however, able to see it's potential. Within a decade of hard work, he owned close to 20 dealerships and the Honda name took off in the United States.

His commitment to Honda during this time, made him an integral part of shaping the automotive industry. Next was Hyundai, another solid success. The Hyundai investment showcased his business philosophy - to stay with quality franchises, focus on a particular market and try to get the best people.

Through all successes, John Staluppi always made sure he put people first. In fact, John is proud that there is a sign in all his dealerships that reads "Every visitor to our dealership is an honored guest in our home, every day, every time, without fail, no exceptions". This statement represents his commitment to his customers over the years.

John Staluppi also expanded his interest into the yachting industry, since he had always enjoyed boating and sportfishing in the 70's and 80's on Long Island. John Staluppi had the motivation and character to succeed at anything he put his mind to. So he created magnificent Millennium Super Yachts, a line of custom yachts that is unsurpassed in creativity, beauty and speed.

However, John Staluppi 's successes were never just for him. He vowed that if ever really made it - he would help those less fortunate. He grew up with an intimate knowledge of people who have a tough life - and now he feels an obligation to help needy people have an easier life in some way. The list of charities and fundraisers that John is involved with is long. From Hospice, National Kidney Registry, to Make a Wish Foundation, John Staluppi says that each charity event keeps him down to earth. When a child hugs him for granting his wish (Make a Wish Foundation) or when he can provide state of the art wheelchairs for spinal cord injury victims (Darrell Gwynn Foundation) - John Staluppi says “ I hope this is my legacy.”

John Staluppi supports the following charities: National Kidney Registry, Hope on Wheels, Rose Brucia Foundation to Prevent Childhood Abduction, Huntington Hospital, Breast Cancer Help, Clarke Gillies Foundation, American Cancer Society, Pilot Club, Telecare, Make A Wish, Big Brothers & Big Sisters, Jimmy Fund/Hope on Wheels, Wafer Family Foundation, Deborah Hospital Foundation, Babylon Lions, Boy & Girl Scouts of America, Rose Brucia Foundation to Prevent Childhood Abduction, Nassau & Suffolk Police Fraternal Organizations and the Town of Babylon Summer Recreation Program.


John Staluppi News

July/August 2015







June 2015

John Staluppi Benetti

SuperYachtTimes.com - Benetti signs 66 metre contract for John Staluppi

SuperYachtNews.com- Prolific owner returns to Benetti

Charterworld.com - New 66m motor yacht fb269 by Benetti sold to John Staluppi

Boatinternational.com-John Staluppi signs order for 66m Benetti luxury yacht

May 2015

Youtube.com - Animated video of Project Skyfall

Based on the new Sunrise 68m by A. Vallicelli & Co, Project Skyfall was designed for one of the world's most experience yachtsmen, renowned for his spirit of innovation.

The aggressive sleekness of the yacht's lines reflects its ambitious performance targets: a fast displacement steel-hull, Project Skyfall will have a shallow draft of less than 3 metres, a top speed of 25 knots and a transatlantic range.

The yacht will also be a showcase of innovative technologies, never utilized on a yacht before, including VOITH linear jets propulsion and MME microturbines power generation.

 Hemmings.com- Herbie at Cars of Dreams Museum


April 2015

Herbie the love bug

Autonet.com -Lots-of-Love-for-this-Volkswagen-Bug

Volkswagen Beetle herbie John Staluppi

Barrett-jackson.com -Supercars-superstars-action-packed-barrett-jackson-palm-beach-auction-breaks-records

The bidding was fierce, taking barely 3 minutes to complete. We all know from the Disney Love Bug movies that Herbie can drive himself, and did he ever this past Saturday. Herbie drove himself right into the record books selling for an eye popping $115,000 to well-known millionaire car dealer and collector John Staluppi.

Carbuyingtips.com -Herbie-Volkswagen-sells-Barrett-Jackson-Auction

Barrett Jackson - Palm Beach 2015 - Philanthropists and world-renowned car collectors Jeanette and John Staluppi donated an additional $100,000 to support the Achilles Freedom Team.


More info on the Achilles Freedom Team helping Disabled Veterans

Business Wire - Barrett-Jackson - Auction Overview

Several vehicles were sold to benefit non-profit organizations, with 100 percent of the nearly $1 million dollars raised going to support veterans, children and other deserving charities.

Sportscardigest.com - Barrett-Jackson-Palm-Beach-2015-auction-results

Torquenews.com - Copo-camaro-1-raises-400k-charity

On Saturday, WWE Hall of Fame member Hulk Hogan took center stage and, in true “Hulkamania” fashion, ripped the shirt off his back to help Barrett-Jackson raise much-needed funds for U.S. veterans, children, cancer patients and others across the country. A few generous, philanthropic car dealers combined to raise $400,000 for the Achilles Freedom Team. David Flynn purchased the 2015 Chevrolet Camaro COPO Race Car VIN #001 for $300,000 followed by an additional $100,000 pledge from Jeanette and John Staluppi.

“Every Barrett-Jackson auction brings with it an opportunity to improve the lives of deserving individuals and organizations through the sale of charity cars,” said Steve Davis, president of Barrett-Jackson. “We truly appreciate the consignors who donate their vehicles and the bidders who bid from their heart. I’m confident that some wonderful opportunities will open up for those in need with the nearly $1 million in charity auction sales in Palm Beach.”

Businesswire.com - Barrett-Jackson-Raises-1-Million-Charity

Looktothestars.org - Charity-at-car-auction


March 2015

Superyachts.com - Worth Avenue Yachts Sell Motor Yacht Skyfall II

Superyachttimes.com - Superyacht Skyfall II Sold

Boatinternational.com - Palmer Johnson Superyacht Skyfall II Sold

Palmbeachdailynews.com - Boat Show Sunshine Brings Out Crowds and Buyers

Cnbc.com - The James Bond Yacht Flipper

Palmbeachdailynews.com - Chic Skyfall Designed for Versatile Cruising

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Palmbeach.floridaweekly.com - Cars of Dreams Boardwalk Fantasy Fundraiser

Youtube.com - Cars of Dreams Hospice Benefit Car Show

Hpbcf.org- Boardwalk Fantasy Cocktail Reception

February 2015

Worthavenueyachts.com - Palm-Beach-International-Boat-Show-Skyfall- 2015

Showmanagement.com - Palm-Beach-Boat-Show

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Superyachts.com - news/the-most-notable-yachts-of-the-2015-miami-boat-show-3670.htm

Superyachts.com - news - 27th-miami-yacht-andamp-brokerage-show-round-up



January 2015

Pinterest.com - Carsofdreams.com

Tumblr.com - Carsofdreams.com

December 2014








November 2014

Flickr.com - Shop with a Cop

Superyachttimes.com- Skyfall

Yachtemoceans.com - /skyfall-sunrise-yachts-john-staluppi-sale/


Worthavenueyachts.com- Skyfall




October 2014

New Cars of Dreams Museum website launched carsofdreams.com

St. Marks opens new Staluppi center which provides much needed facilities for church, school and community.

September 2014

September 19, 2014 - Dare to Dream Event at Cars of Dreams Museum - For St Marks Church and Grand Re-Opening of Museum


August 2014



July 2014

Norwichbulletin.com- Skyfall Docks

Bgcpbc.org - Boys and Girls Club Donors

Stmarkspbg.org - Staluppi Center Renderings

June 2014

Sunriseyachts.com - Floating Assets Magazine - Rendering of Superyacht Skyfall

Yacht International Magazine - Skyfall

Thesuperyachtowner.com - Skyfall


May 2014

Boatinternational.com - Superyacht Design The Birth of Superyacht Project Skyfall

Boat International.com - Showboats International

Mulderdesign.nl - News- Skyfall Team

Mulderdesign.nl -Skyfall-Need for Speed Show Boats May14.pdf

Superyachts.com -Project-Skyfall: A Closer Look


April 2014


Barrett-Jackson has raised literally tens of millions of dollars for charity and there's probably never been a woman who's done as much for automobile racing then the legendary Linda Vaughn, a/k/a Hurst Miss Golden Shifter. So when the two of them team up, it's magic, especially when a noted philanthropist and car collector like Palm Beach resident John Staluppi is involved and so is noted Oldsmobile restoration house Thornton Motors Inc. Friday at the 12th annual Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach Collector Car Auction, a 1969 Oldsmobile 442 convertible Hurst Shifter car replica built by Thornton Motors sold for $200,000, every penny of which will go to Darrell Gwynn Foundation.

Darrellgwynnfoundation.org - hurst-shifter-replica-car-auctions-200000-benefit-darrell-gwynn-foundation

The 1969 Oldsmobile 442 Convertible Hurst Shifter Replica made famous by Linda Vaughn sold for $200,000 at Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach on Friday, April 11. The car was purchased by longtime foundation supporter John Staluppi. Proceeds from the auction of the car benefit the Darrell Gwynn Foundation. The Darrell Gwynn Foundation’s mission is to SUPPORT people with paralysis and PREVENT spinal cord injuries.

Longislandpress.com - Ny-Auto-Giant

Examiner.com -Bidding-Gets-Fast-and-Furious-at-Barrett-Jackson-Palm-Beach

Yachtingmagazine.com - 7-Reasons-We're-Psyched-for-Skyfall

Facebook.com - DarrellGwynnFoundation


March 2014

Yachtingmagazine.com- Skyfall

Boatinternational.com - Skyfall

Mulderdesign.nl - Skyfall

Scenista.com - Conceptcarzcom


February 2014

Sunriseyachts.com -sunrise-yachts-signs-new-contract-for-68m-project-skyfall.pdf

The-triton.com - motoryacht-skyfall-to-be-built

Superyachttimes.com -sunrise yachts signs 68 meter skyfall

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Megayachtnews.com - john-jeanette-staluppi-sunrise-yachts-skyfall

Superyachts.com - worth-avenue-yachts-introduce-new-sunrise-project-skyfall


December 2013


Renderings for Staluppi Center - St Marks Episcopal Church

John Staluppi's Christmas Lights 2013 - YouTube Video

John Staluppi's Christmas Lights - Video/Photos

Superyachttimes.com - Announcement of Sale of Diamonds Are Forever

Oceanindependence.com - Announcement of Sale of Diamonds Are Forever


November 2013


Bgcbc.org - Lifetime-Giving-Society

Facebook.com - Benettiyachts Posts DAF on Cover of Luxe Et Al Magazine

Thedesignawards.co.uk - Yacht and Aviation

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Superyachttimes.com - Announcement of Sale of Yacht Diamonds Are Forever

Oceanindependence.com - Announcement of Sale of Diamonds Are Forever


October 2013


Dreyfoos Scool of the Arts Foundation - Generous GrandParents

Robb Report.tv on YouTube

SuperYachtTimes.com - Editorial

Oceanindependence.com - Flyer - Motor-Yacht-Diamonds-Are-Forever-Due-to-Arrive-in-Palm-Beach-17-October

Fansshare.com - High Resolution Photo of Diamonds are Forever


September 2012


Cannes International Boat Show - Video

Onboard Diamonds Are Forever - Video

September 25, 2012 - Making Waves in Monaco

Monoco Yacht Show Update

September 11, 2012 - Diamonds Are Forever in Cannes

“Diamonds Are Forever” on Display at 2012 Cannes and Monaco Yacht Shows

Luxury Yacht & Superyacht News Brief for Diamonds are Forever

August 2012


Cars of Dreams sale of collection by RM Auctions - for details go to http://www.rmauctions.com

View RM Auctions Press Release

View Collection at carsofdreams.com

Sale of Diamonds Are Forever Yacht - for details go to http://www.oceanindependence.com/index.php/yacht-sales/yacht/diamonds-are-forever

Inspect Diamonds are Forever Yacht at Cannes (Sep 11-16) and Monaco (Sep 19-22) yacht shows - for details go to http://www.salonnautiquecannes.com


July 2012


July 27 2012 - Bymnews.com/taly. Azimut Benetti Group announces previews for new nautical season

July 26 2012 - Superyachttimes.com - 61 Metre Diamonds Are Forever largest yacht ever at Cannes show

July 26 2012 - Bornrich.com - Benetti debuts its longest yacht "Diamonds Are Forever" at the Cannes Boat Show

July 26 2012 - Luxurylaunches.com - Benetti Diamonds are Forever will be the longest boat of 2012 Cannes Boat Show

July 26 2012 - Charterworld.com - Benetti Yachts to attend Cannes and MYS 2012 with 61m megayacht Diamonds are Forever on display

July 26 2012 - OneNewsPage.us - Benetti-Diamonds-are-Forever-will-be-the-longest boat of the 2012 Cannes Boat Show

July 19 2012 - Guide2croatia.net - Daily Mail brings a story about Ecclestone sisters enjoying their Croatia holiday

July 13 2012 - JustLuxe.com - Diamonds Are Forever | A Luxury Yacht Fit For James Bond

July 12 2012 - Dailymail.co.ukAnother holiday, ladies? Tamara and Petra Ecclestone play tourists in their mother's native Croatia

July 10 2012 - Superyachttimes.com - Preview of the 22nd Monaco Yacht Show

June 2012


June 29 2012 - Justluxe.com - 5 Great Charter Destinations in the Mediterranean

YouTube Video: Bugsy Gedlek photography - Diamonds Are Forever - Sky Deck/Sun Deck

YouTube Video: Bugsy Gedlek photography - Diamonds Are Forever - Upper Deck

May 2012


YouTube Video: Bugsy Gedlek photography - Diamonds Are Forever - Exterior

April 2012 - Boat International Magazine

April 2012 - Boat International.com

boat international - john staluppi

(Excerpt from April 2012 - Boat International.com) Literally and metaphorically, John Staluppi has spent much of his life with his head in an engine. As a 16 year old mechanic he fell in love with the muscular engines of classic 1950s cars, whose voluptuous forms convey speed, even when standing still. Later his mechanical passion was the basis on which he built an empire of auto dealerships, and of his sideline in super yachts, which he commissions, uses, charters and sells. His success has afforded him the luxury of a private museum, Cars of Dreams in North Palm Beach, Florida, filled with angular sedans and undulating soft tops. But a visitor is still most likely to find him out the back, tinkering with a carburetor.



April 2012 - Show Boats International Magazine

show boats international magazine john staluppi


3/22/12 - 3/25/12 - Palm Beach Boat Show

john staluppi diamonds are forever

diamonds are Fprever at Palm Beach Boat Show

ShowManagement.com - Newsletter

(Excerpt) The largest yachts expected at this years show is the New 200' Benetti Luxury Superyacht "Diamonds Are Forever". Shown by Ocean Independance, this true luxury yacht is a stunning collaboration between John Staluppi, Benetti Yachts, and Evan K. Marshall. This combined talent has resulted in a yacht that meets the most demanding charter requirements; palatial amounts of space, the very best materials and technology, the highest levels of service, and the utmost privacy and security. This fantastic yacht cruises in on Friday morning so come see the queen as she makes her appearance at Palm Harbor Ramp E; Slip E300A

3/26/2012 - YouTube.com - "Highlights Palm Beach Boat Show"    

3/26/12 - Palm Beach Post.com - "Attendance, sales up at Palm Beach International Boat Show"

3/26/12 - Palm Beach Daily News - "At 200 feet, this 'Bond boat' was launched late last year and is largest yacht at Palm Beach boat show"

3/25/12 - WPTV.comAttendance, Sales Up at Palm Beach Boat Show

3/22/12 - pbpulse.com "boat-show-returns-to-west-palm-waterfront"

3/21/12 - Sunreef-Charter.com - "Our Experts On Board the Dazzling Benetti 60m Charter Megayacht DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER"

(Excerpt) Our charter experts had the priceless opportunity of touring Owner John Staluppi's newest Bond-themed megayacht, DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER. This Benetti 60-meter masterpiece is a dazzling tribute to the superb naval architecture and engineering synonymous with the brand, and the artistic genius of designer Evan Marshall . . .



John & Jeanette Staluppi Buy "Garlits vs. Gwynn Dragsters" from Darrell Gwynn Foundation for $100,000 at 10th Annual Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach Auction, April 7

john staluppi

(Excerpt from Article) Car purchase caps off amazing week of generosity by John & Jeannette Staluppi

DGF Donates $24,000 Wheelchair to Madison Wilson of Miami

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – Longtime foundation supporters John & Jeannette Staluppi purchased the Garlits vs. Gwynn Dragsters (Lot #3006) from the Darrell Gwynn Foundation for $100,000 at Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach on Saturday, April 7 hosted by the South Florida Fairgrounds. The car was donated back to the Darrell Gwynn Foundation by Ron Pratte after he purchased them at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale. Proceeds from the sale of these cars benefit the Darrell Gwynn Foundation's mission to SUPPORT people with paralysis and PREVENT spinal cord injuries.
"What an amazing gesture by John Staluppi," said Darrell Gwynn. "They've done so much for us and did so much for us this week I just can't thank them enough. Their generosity propelled our mission so much this week. I just thank them and may God Bless them."

In addition to purchasing the Garlits vs. Gwynn Dragsters, John & Jeannette Staluppi hosted "Wheels of Dreams", a fundraiser at their Cars of Dreams Museum to benefit the Darrell Gwynn Foundation on Thursday night and donated the 1960 Chevy Impala to the foundation that sold or $70,000 on Friday to Joe Riley at Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach.

Also, while on stage at Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach several Barrett-Jackson bidders and supporters pledged their generosity by making donations to the Darrell Gwynn Foundation collectively totaling approximately $30,000.

While on stage, the Darrell Gwynn Foundation donated a $24,000 "Mini-Mouse" themed power wheelchair to 4 year-old Madison Wilson of Miami. Madison, who is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy with complications was denied the power wheelchair she needed by Medipass. She is a patient at the Ann Storck Center and she was referred to DGF by Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital. Her new power wheelchair will give her the gifts of mobility and independence and allow her to start school next fall.

Give the Gift of Mobility: https://darrellgwynnfoundation.org/the-gift-of-mobility.php



WHEELS OF DREAMS - Event to benefit the Darrell Gwynn Foundation

View Article "Wheels of Dreams Gala hosted by John & Jeannette Staluppi Raises funds Darrell Gwynn Foundation"

wheels of dreams

NORTH PALM BEACH, Fla. – The Darrell Gwynn Foundation, on behalf of its donors, donated a $13,500 "Batman Themed" wheelchair to Tyler Wright, a six year-old from Pompano Beach, Fla. "Wheels of Dreams" Gala at the Cars of Dreams Museum on April 5. Tyler, a well-liked student at Charles Drew Elementary School, is diagnosed with cerebral palsy and could not propel himself in his old manual wheelchair. Medicaid denied his claim for the proper wheelchair he needs. The new power wheelchair will give him the gift of mobility he needs so he can ride the bus to school on his own and engage more with his classmates as well as be more independent at home. The donation was made through the Darrell Gwynn Foundation's national Wheelchair Donation Program.

Tyler in his new Batman themed wheelchair complete with cape and mask was able to visit with his family a replica of the famous "Batmobile" which is on display at the Cars of Dreams Museum. The event was hosted and underwritten by John & Jeannette Staluppi. Proceeds from the event benefited the Darrell Gwynn Foundation's mission to provide SUPPORT for people with paralysis and PREVENT spinal cord injuries.

Give the Gift of Mobility: https://darrellgwynnfoundation.org/the-gift-of-mobility.php


john staluppi


"It's the Oscars of the Auto Industry," said Grant Cardone, best-selling author and noted sales expert.

(Excerpt from Automotive Leadership Roundtable - Read Full Article)

12 Questions with John Staluppi

Becoming Number One:
It's all about people and process.

Staying on top:
Focusing on the growth areas of our business, customer retention and the Internet.

Key Vendors or partners:
Reynolds & Reynolds; AAX (DealerTrack's inventory management system)

Something unique about Atlantic Hyundai:
Our average employee tenure is over 10 years.

Favorite part about being a dealer:
The continuous challenge and excitement.

Favorite vehicle:
1962 Corvette

Make-A-Wish Foundation

One homerun in 2010:
Using the Joe Verde training sessions

Something you would do differently last year:
Well, we just didn't have enough focus on our used car business.

What would you improve in the automotive industry?
Due to the industry reputation, it is very tough to recruit and attract educated young people. It is a great business and people would see that if they gave it the chance.

Next five years:
Look for Hyundai to continue on its path of gaining market share.

A leader finds a way to get the most out of his people. A leader builds a team and surrounds himself with people more talented than himself.


MAXIM's April Rose takes you for a spin around John Staluppi's Cars of Dreams Museum.

john staluppi speed tv


john staluppi vispol tv


3/11/2012 - John Staluppi and Cars of Dreams Hospice Fundraiser

YouTube: John Staluppi's Cars of Dreams Hospice Fundraiser

hospice fundraiser john staluppi 

3/10/12 - Palm Beach Post - "Vroom in your heart? You can help Hospice"

by Jodie Wagner

Hundreds of vintage hot rods, classic cars and new luxery vehicles will be on display Sunday at the fourth annual South East Rods and Customs Cars of Dreams Show and Raffle.

The show will be held at the Cars of Dreams Museum, 133 U.S. 1 and a nearby lot. More than 4,000 classic-car enthusiasts are expected to attend the event, which includes a car show featuring restored classic cars and trucks, hot rods and luxury vehicles, food vendors and a tour of the private Cars of Dreams Museum.

Admission to the car show, which runs from 9.am to 4 pm, is free. The museum will be open from 9am to 2:30 pm. Admission is $10, with proceeds benefiting the Hospice of Palm Beach County Foundation.

The Cars of Dreams Museum, owned by John Staluppi and his wife, Jeannette, houses a comprehensive classic-car collection spanning more than 50 years, a hand carved carousel, a 1950's-era garage, a fire station and a town square.

Staluppi opens the museum to the public just twice a year for charity events, including the Shop With a Cop fundraiser sponsored by the Palm Beach County Sherriff's Office.

"It's just amazing," said Lauryn Barry, special events manager for Hospice of Palm Beach County. "It's formatted like an old-time, '50's town."

For this event, Staluppi donated a 1979 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am as part of the raffle.

John Staluppi receives 2012 Automotive Lifetime Achievement Award.

2/12 - Blacktiemagazine.com /Boca_Raton_Concours_d'Elegance

john staluppi lifetime achievement


john staluppi lifetime achievement

News Archive for Diamonds are Forever Superyacht for Charter:

JANUARY 11, 2012 - http://robbreport.com/Boating-Yachting/Benetti-Starts-the-New-Year-with-a-New-Boat


Benetti Starts the New Year with a New Boat

This winter, bring up to 12 guests and cruise through the Caribbean on Benetti's new 200-foot custom megayacht available for charter through Ocean Independence. The new vessel, Diamonds Are Forever, can travel at a maximum speed of 16 knots and has an oceanic range of 4,800 nautical miles at 12 knots. Its custom interior—designed with Italian marble, onyx, wood, and mother-of-pearl—includes two master suites with sea views, four guest rooms, a fitness room, and a parlor (which can be converted into an extension off the owner's suite). An elevator runs through all decks, including a sky lounge, a sundeck, and a top deck that can accommodate helicopter landings and takeoffs. Diamonds Are Forever will be available for charter through the Mediterranean (approximately $418,000 to $462,000 per week) this spring. (+, www.oceanindependence.com)

—Christina Garofalo

diamonds are Forever Launch


Available for worldwide charter, with its unique "Quad Deck Design".

November 2011 - New launch in Livorno for Benetti Custom megayachts -

Benetti Yachts - events-media/news/benetti-news-2011/diamonds-are-forever

john staluppi-diamonds are forever

"Diamonds Are Forever", this is the name of the new Custom megayacht launched on Saturday 26th November 2011 at the state-of-the-art Benetti shipyard in Livorno.
Benetti FB253 60mt is the boat's official identification, but for its owner it's "Diamonds Are Forever": the official name of the yacht and the very personal signature of Mr. John Staluppi, an established shipowner who has always been a fan of the Bond, James Bond saga.

Based on Benetti naval architecture and engineering, the elegant external line of the new FB253 Diamonds Are Forever is characterised by compact forms and dynamic slender lines: a balanced combination of traditional design elements and modern innovative stylistic solutions which have become the shipyard's distinguishing mark throughout the world.

On board, customisation to meet the needs and desires of the shipowner is total: the particular arrangement of the cabins, the location of the wheelhouse on the flybridge, the interior design and decor, the engine room made entirely of stainless steel and the addition of the top deck above the flybridge, a private panoramic deck 12 metres above the sea which can be reached by the glass lift that serves all the yacht decks.

See all latest news for Diamonds are Forever Superyacht


Click here for October article in Superyachttimes.com - 61 Metre superyacht Diamonds Are Forever hits the water at Benetti

Friday, 14 October 2011

Benetti have prelaunched the 61 metre Diamonds Are Forever, on schedule for her official launch later this year, when she will become available for charter through Ocean Independence from December 2011

Sparkling in the early Autumn Italian sunshine this week, as she took to the water, the 61 metre Diamonds Are Forever features a signature Evan K Marshall interior. The design synergy created through the longstanding owner designer relationship has resulted in a superb layout and sophisticated styling focusing on a full service guest concept for the charter market.

Comprising of two panoramic master suites and four guest staterooms. A guest elevator to all decks, a full beam sky lounge and vast open and shaded deck spaces. Of particular note is the additional top deck, located above the sun deck, which forms a very private, panoramic deck which is also served by the central elevator. The aft part of the sun-deck also allows easy touch and go helicopter operations.



Ocean Independence
Peter Thompson / Michael White
+44 (0)207 380 7600
pthompson@ocyachts.com / mike@ocyachts.com


Diamonds Are Forever Debuts at Benetti: SLIDESHOW

October 17, 2011 by

Read more: Megayacht News – Diamonds Are Forever Debuts at Benetti: SLIDESHOW http://megayachtnews.com/2011/10/diamonds-are-forever-benetti-yacht/#ixzz1c5h53Ins


James Bond never had it so good.

Diamonds Are Forever is the newest megayacht for John Staluppi, an American known as much for his love of yachts as he is for his passion for Bond flicks. Diamonds Are Forever slipped into the water at Benetti last week, for a test ahead of her official launch.

At 200 feet (60.95 meters), Diamonds Are Forever is Staluppi’s largest megayacht to date. She’s also among the largest Benetti yachts built in terms of volume, given her four decks. Staluppi and his wife Jeannette wanted Diamonds Are Forever to have ample spaces for relaxation and entertaining, particularly for the comfort of charter guests.

They also wanted the decor to be high style. The slideshow below gives you a good idea of what it will look like upon completion. Evan K. Marshall, who has collaborated with the Staluppis on previous yachts, outfitted every space, from the two panoramic master suites to the four guest staterooms, in luxe fashion. Creams and whites dominate, from furnishings to floor coverings. Marbles and other stonework as well as etched glass are used as accents. A central elevator will whisk guests throughout the four decks, even taking them up to the private lounge on the uppermost deck.

After delivery, Diamonds Are Forever will be available for charter as part of Ocean Independence’s fleet. She’ll take 12 guests, attended to by a crew of 15. Rates: $395,000 per week for low season and $450,000 per week for high season in the Caribbean this winter. Come summer, Diamonds Are Forever will move to the Med. Rates: 330,000 euros (approximately $453,000) per week for low season and 365,000 euros (about $501,000) per week for high season. Among the toys the yacht is expected to tote: Sea Bobs, PWCs, fishing gear, diving gear, and tandem kayaks. Among our favorites: golf clubs, with a tee box and biodegradable balls. Fore!

Read more: Megayacht News – Diamonds Are Forever Debuts at Benetti: SLIDESHOW http://megayachtnews.com/2011/10/diamonds-are-forever-benetti-yacht/#ixzz1c5gvFOVv


About Diamonds are Forever:

Built to a design in-house by Benetti the Italian superyacht manufacturer features a signature Evan K Marshall interior comprising two panoramic master suites and four guest staterooms.

Measuring 60.95-meters  with a 10.50-meter overall beam, 2011 motor yacht Diamonds are Forever is being built under the hull ID FB 253. Benetti Hull FB 253 will accommodate up to twelve guests in two master staterooms (VIP) and four guest cabins as well as accommodations for up to fifteen crew members.
Large windows enable natural light to filter into the Evan K Marshall styled interior to showcase a variety of natural shades including browns, tans, creams and whites.

There are guest and service elevators to all decks, a full beam sky lounge and vast open and shaded deck spaces. A special feature of yacht Diamonds are Forever is the additional top deck, located above the sun deck, which forms a very private, panoramic deck.
The aft part of the sundeck can be transformed from a large relaxing area outfitted with several lounge chairs into a touch and go helipad, while technological superiority will be ensured by Millennium Edition build supervision.

M/Y Diamonds are Forever is expected to achieve a top speed of 16 knots with a range of just under 5,000 nautical miles cruising at 12 knots thanks to  twin CAT 3512C engines and 120,000 LT capacity fuel tanks.


Diamonds Are Forever - Custom Yacht for John Staluppi
by Benetti Yachts and Evan K. Marshall/Usonia V

(Excerpt from Yacht-Premiere.com Magazine)

The name's Staluppi, John Staluppi. If a boat is named after a Bond film, then it must be John Staluppi's boat – it's almost a personal signature, expressing one of the individual preferences of the legendary American tycoon, although for some time now he has been involved in a stronger, more overwhelming passion: period cars. John Staluppi has cultivated his passion for classic cars for many years, putting together his own private collection of fabulous vehicles that culminated in the creation of the incredible Cars of Dreams Museum. It's a remarkable, unique collection of numerous cars from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, all beautifully preserved in the immaculate splendour of their impeccably polished paintwork and glittering mirror-effect chrome plating. With their sleek lines and bright colours, these cars are fascinating metal sculptures, magically intact examples of technological and artistic beauty. They're certainly worth a lot of money, but more importantly they are a great historical treasure and an immense cultural asset, safeguarded thanks to John Staluppi. Nonetheless, other genres of artwork move him as well, and boats play a notable part here. Presumably for reasons of space, the considerable size of these seaborne masterworks make it impossible to put them together in a collection, and this is probably why John Staluppi likes to change his boat frequently. Over the years, he has had a large number of custom motor yachts built, and they have entered yachting legend for all time, standing out for their ultra high speed performance, which was in turn made possible by the cutting-edge technologies that the enlightened Owner explicitly requested from the best shipyards. Recently, however, John and Jeannette Staluppi have changed course and have become more interested in the production of custom motor yachts for tranquil cruises, typified by the size of the interiors and the magnificence of the fittings. For their next boat, the American couple put their faith in the Italian shipyard Benetti Yachts: the project for Diamonds Are Forever, as this unique "Quad Deck Design" motor yacht is called, was signed in December last year and the new motor yacht will be launched in August next year.


Archive - Events at Cars of Dreams Museum


See Slideshow of Shop with a Cop event - November 6, 2011

The Shop With a Cop event is a way the that Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office helps underprivileged children during the holiday season. The money will help deputies buy presents for children this Christmas.

Annual Classic Car, Truck & Motorcycle Show
To Benefit "Shop With A Cop" Kid's Event
10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Go to Palm Beach Post article and video at: http://www.wpbf.com/news/29697357/detail.html

Car Show Supports Sheriff's Organization
Shop With A Cop Event Exceeds Goal

NORTH PALM BEACH, Fla. -- Palm Beach County Sheriff Rick Bradshaw says a North Palm Beach Car show helps them exceed their goal for the annual "Shop With a Cop" event.

The Shop With a Cop event is a way the that Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office helps underprivileged children during the holiday season. The money will help deputies buy presents for children this Christmas.

Cars of Dreams helped organize and sponsor the event, and Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw said it was a success.

"Number one, this is going to be the biggest crowd we've had since we started this event. Number two, the weather has been great, but the most important thing is underprivileged children are going to have a good Chirstmas because of this event," said Bradshaw.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10JW5N7S27I&feature=related <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10JW5N7S27I&feature=related>

The Darrell Gwynn Foundation donated a custom-built $33,000 power-wheelchair with a standing feature to Jedidiah Gore at the "Wheels of Dreams" Gala hosted by John & Jeanette Staluppi's Cars of Dreams Museum in North Palm Beach, Fla. on Tuesday, April 5, 2011. Gore, a Miami native, was in need of a new wheelchair after his old wheelchair was no longer operational and he was denied by Medicaid a new power wheelchair with the standing feature. The Darrell Gwynn Foundation stepped in to provide the necessary wheelchair to improve the quality of his life. Jedidiah is a huge fan of the Miami HEAT and he received a Miami HEAT themed wheelchair. The Miami HEAT also donated three wheelchair accessible tickets to the Miami HEAT vs. Milwaukee Bucks game on April 6 to Jedidiah so he could attend his first HEAT game with his family.


John Staluppi Proud of Atlantic Auto Group for Continued Generosity to Cancer Foundations

John Staluppi watched as his two executives of the Atlantic Auto Group were honored at the Second Annual Gala Reception Dinner for the benefit of the National Kidney Registry. The National Kidney Registry has been facilitating living donor transplants since 2008. Both Atlantic Auto Group executives, John Pickett and Michael Brown, have offered their generous and enthusiastic support for the National Kidney Registry while overseeing the daily and long term operations of John Staluppi’s Atlantic Auto Group.

This second annual gala event also acknowledged other charitable donations given by John Staluppi and his company to two organizations: Hyundai Hope on Wheels and the Jimmy Fund. Both of these organizations are partnered together searching for a cure for pediatric and adult cancer.

“Hyundai’s multifaceted partnership with Dana-Farber [Cancer Institute] helps people of all ages fight cancer, while allowing us to capitalize on the Jimmy Fund’s commanding presence in the community,” said Bob Cosmai, former CEO of the Hyundai Corporation, in a quote on JimmyFund.org. “By serving as presenting sponsor of the Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk, Hyundai increased its branding and marketing, while helping find cures for cancer.”

The Jimmy Fund organization was founded in 1948 and is currently located at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, while the Hyundai Hope on Wheels campaign is intertwined with more than 800 Hyundai dealerships across the nation. Included are all three of John Staluppi’s Hyundai dealerships on Long Island who are continuing their efforts to support Hyundai Hope on Wheels.

John Staluppi is proud to say that his Atlantic Auto Group has supported all of these important and charitable organizations. There is no doubt of how vital work with these groups is for patients across the country, and John Staluppi wants to continue helping them make a difference.


Date: April 5, 2011
Time: 7 p.m. Wheels of Dreams
Location: John Staluppi's Cars of Dreams Private Museum, N Palm Beach, Fla.
Event: An evening of stars and classic cars that includes cocktails, dinner and entertainment benefitting the Darrell Gwynn Foundation. The Cars of Dreams private Museum is an unparalleled collection reflecting owner John Staluppi's passion for classic car design.

Watch the Darrell Gwynn Foundation LIVE on Speed Channel, April 8
by Darrell Gwynn Foundation on Thursday, April 7, 2011 at 1:38pm

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – The Darrell Gwynn Foundation will auction two cars and make a wheelchair donation LIVE on Speed Channel on Friday, April 8 at approximately 4 p.m. EST. Be sure to watch live on TV as the Darrell Gwynn Foundation tries to raise money at the auction to benefit the foundation's mission

WHEELS OF DREAMS - Event to benefit the Darrell Gwynn Foundation

Tuesday, April 5, 2011 7pm-10pm

Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience as you dine, drink and are entertained amid John & Jeanette Staluppi's amazing and magical collection of classic cars! Click Here for a sneak peek of the museum.

Topping it off - deserving individuals receive the gift of mobility as DGF awards them their dream "wheel"chairs


Spinal cord injuries happen.

They happen everyday, everywhere, to people of all ages and descriptions, and from all walks of life. And they happen in many different ways.

In 1990, I was at the height of my career as a professional race car driver. Then, on a test run in England, an accident -- a freak one by racing standards --left me paralyzed with a devastating spinal cord injury.

Initially, there was concern if I would even survive my injuries at all. I careened from one medical crisis to another, taking my family and loved ones along on that same wrenching, emotional roller-coaster ride. Then, when the imminent dangers had passed, I arrived at the forefront of living life in the wake of a paralyzing spinal cord injury.

Ironically, less than six months earlier I had chosen The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis as my personal charity, and I had already begun assisting them in raising funding for spinal cord injury research. I clearly recall personally placing their logos on my race car, never then dreaming that within a few short months my future would be in their hands.

A number of years have passed since the fateful day I was paralyzed. In that time, my compassion for victims of spinal cord injuries, and respect for the families and friends of those standing behind them has grown immeasurably. I have learned that hope, encouragement and determination aided by education, are among the keys in creating a meaningful, satisfying life despite physical obstacles.

I am lucky. I have a wonderful family and an amazing collection of friends and business associates who share my commitment to build a better future for those with spinal cord injuries and other central nervous system disorders. Significantly, there has never been a time of more important and promising research to find a cure for spinal cord paralysis then right now.

The Darrell Gwynn Foundation (DGF) was created to help aid that critical research by raising funds for that purpose. In addition to supporting various worthwhile research initiatives, DGF concerns itself with Quality of Life issues for those with spinal cord injuries.

My life, both before and after my spinal cord injury, has surrounded professional auto racing. Surprisingly, there are similarities between side-by-side competition at more than 300 miles-per-hour, and the quest to cure spinal cord injuries. Both are expensive. Both are ultimately competitions against the clock. And with adequate funding, technical expertise and dedication, both can be won.

There's an old saying in auto racing, "It's not where you start, but where you finish." That's also true of living life with a spinal cord injury. The race to find a cure for paralysis from spinal cord injury is well underway. With continuing help, I am certain that race will one day be won.

- Darrell Gwynn

Tiger Woods’ yacht up for sale

Got some extra money lying around? Golfer Tiger Woods is reportedly putting his 155-foot megayacht Privacy up for sale.

With a permanent crew of 13, Privacy costs more than $2 million a year to maintain, The Palm Beach Post reported.

Woods had the vessel sailed south to Fort Lauderdale in the fall. It was dry-docked in a yard for two months to paint the hull and resurface the deck.

Privacy is now back at its home port in North Palm Beach's Old Port Cove and Woods is shopping for a broker to list it for $25 million.

Although Woods bought the ship for $20 million, he believes it appreciated in value because it's been well taken care of, the newspaper reported.

But Palm Beach Gardens megayacht builder John Staluppi doubts Woods will get the asking price.

"The market on big yachts has gone down," Staluppi told The Palm Beach Post. "Banks aren't financing and the economy is off. It's a buyer's market. Unless he sells to someone who wants to brag that he's got Tiger's yacht, he'll get about $20 million."


John Staluppi Proud of Atlantic Auto Group for Continued Generosity to Cancer Foundations

The Atlantic Auto Group has been continuing its efforts to work with organizations such as the Hyundai Hope on Wheels program, and its owner John Staluppi was proud to see his executives get honored for giving their support.

John Staluppi watched as his two executives of the Atlantic Auto Group were honored at the Second Annual Gala Reception Dinner for the benefit of the National Kidney Registry. The National Kidney Registry has been facilitating living donor transplants since 2008. Both Atlantic Auto Group executives, John Pickett and Michael Brown, have offered their generous and enthusiastic support for the National Kidney Registry while overseeing the daily and long term operations of John Staluppi's Atlantic Auto Group.

This second annual gala event also acknowledged other charitable donations given by John Staluppi and his company to two organizations: Hyundai Hope on Wheels and the Jimmy Fund. Both of these organizations are partnered together searching for a cure for pediatric and adult cancer.

"Hyundai's multifaceted partnership with Dana-Farber [Cancer Institute] helps people of all ages fight cancer, while allowing us to capitalize on the Jimmy Fund's commanding presence in the community," said Bob Cosmai, former CEO of the Hyundai Corporation, in a quote on JimmyFund.org. "By serving as presenting sponsor of the Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk, Hyundai increased its branding and marketing, while helping find cures for cancer."

The Jimmy Fund organization was founded in 1948 and is currently located at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, while the Hyundai Hope on Wheels campaign is intertwined with more than 800 Hyundai dealerships across the nation. Included are all three of John Staluppi's Hyundai dealerships on Long Island who are continuing their efforts to support Hyundai Hope on Wheels.

John Staluppi is proud to say that his Atlantic Auto Group has supported all of these important and charitable organizations. There is no doubt of how vital work with these groups is for patients across the country, and John Staluppi wants to continue helping them make a difference.

Visit http://www.atlanticautogroup.net/ for more information on the Atlantic Auto Group.

Atlantic Auto Group treats every customer, whether visiting one of its dealerships online or in person, as a family member. Comprised of state-of-the-art facilities and No. 1-rated dealerships, Atlantic Auto Group continues to lead the way in building lifetime relationships with customers.


John Staluppi Redesigns NY Auto Giant Dealerships as an Expert Remodeler and Builder
Feb 18, 2011

John Staluppi is known for the accomplishments his company NY Auto Giant has achieved with its many dealerships as well as the philanthropic support his executives have delivered to pediatric cancer research associations like Hyundai Hope on Wheels.

But this is only one part of John Staluppi's success.

He is also the proud owner of Millennium Super Yachts performing as an entrepreneur in the art of building unique and luxurious super yachts. With both industries, Mr. Staluppi and his associates have created an environment of the highest level of design and service that customers can be offered.

Currently, John Staluppi is remodeling two dealerships within the Atlantic Auto Mall, which includes Atlantic Nissan, Atlantic Audi and Atlantic Hyundai. The goal is to create an unforgettable buying experience for each customer who visits the Atlantic Auto Mall. Mr. Staluppi believes it is important for his dealerships to set a higher standard to ensure all customers will receive the service they deserve.

The two dealerships receiving significant renovations are Atlantic Nissan and Atlantic Hyundai. Both dealerships will enjoy upgrades to their showrooms as well as their grounds. Atlantic Audi was renovated last year and has received fantastic reviews from customers who have visited.

As John Staluppi is an expert in remodeling dealerships, it is also true for the super yachts his company designs and builds. His featured super yacht is named The World is Not Enough. This yacht is 140 feet long, 28 feet wide and is completely designed for luxury inside and out. What makes this super yacht stand out from others is the power and speed. Top speed is an astounding 75 mph which is over 61 knots; this speed makes it one of the fastest yachts in the world. With two diesel and two turbine engines, The World is Not Enough produces 20,000 horsepower.

John Staluppi has also created a lush interior for himself, guests and crew with accommodations for 18. Rooms include a master state room, master bathroom, country kitchen, formal dining room as well as a full working galley. Everything, including the floors, are made of a high quality honeycomb material to make the yacht as light as possible for smoother gliding.

It is apparent that when it comes to dealerships and yachts, John Staluppi is not new to either industry. He has created environments for both sets of customers with the highest level of services possible. Whether getting customers to the right dealership to fill their driving needs or building super yachts for those with an eye toward ocean travel, John Staluppi has mastered the skills needed to create what they are looking for.


Metrick Entertainment Presents: John Staluppi - Part I

Metrick Entertainment Presents: John Staluppi - Part II

Cars of Dreams Museum Fundraiser for Darrell Gwynn Event "Wheels of Dreams"

See Video WPBF25

See Video Fox29

See Video WPTV5

More than 300 guests enjoyed a magical “Wheels of Dreams” evening at John and Jeanette Staluppi’s fabulous Cars of Dreams Museum in North Palm Beach March 30th. Amid a wonderland of classic cars, Darrell, “Big Daddy” Don Garlits, and NHRA personality Bob Frey took everyone on an entertaining “Behind the Scenes” look at the world of cars and racing and the camaraderie it engenders.

Cars of Dreams Hospice Fundraiser - WPBF News Channel 5 - YouTube

Tail Fins and Chrome Video of Cars of Dreams - YouTube

Heart and Stroke Champions for American Heart and Stroke Association

Miami Children's Hospital Foundation Event

Miami Children’s Hospital Foundation (MCHF) is a non-profit organization whose sole mission is to create awareness and generate funds for Miami Children’s Hospital (MCH), the only licensed specialty hospital in South Florida exclusively for children. The Foundation’s guiding principle is to ensure that all children have access to state-of-the-art pediatric care.

The Northern Palm Beaches Heart Ball

(Excerpt from Article Above) This event raised more than $400,000 for the American Heart Association. The success of this important fundraiser is due not only to its venue, but equally to the countless hours of service by the event chairpersons Julie Shrewsbury and Dr. Frank Cook, event co-chairpersons Terri and Kevin Justice and their energetic event committee of workers. John and Jeanette Staluppi served as the patron honorary chairpersons along with Dr. Richard Faro who was the medical honorary chairman. Hats off too, to the tireless efforts of Heart Associations staff members Pam Calzadilla, Jodi Riche and Kristen Cruz.

Cars of Dreams Museum Opens for Charity Event "Shop with a Cop"

(Excerpt from Article Above) Car nuts like Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno have huge car collections….and they help charities. John Staluppi of Palm Beach Gardens can give them a run for their money…..on both counts. Mr. Staluppi started his collection about 10 years ago with just two cars. Now his collection has grown to more than 100 cars.

Yacht News


Quantum of Solace Yacht News

Motor Yacht Quantum of Solace
Quantum of Solace (formerly Alfa III) is a 52m (170.60ft) motor yacht, custom built in 2001 by Benetti. The yacht's interior has been designed by Zuretti and has exterior styling by Stefano Natucci. She was last refitted in 2009.

Quantum of Solace has a steel hull and aluminium superstructure with a beam of 9.30m (30.51ft) and a 3.40m (11.15ft) draft. This custom yacht is equipped with an ultra-modern stabilization system which reduces roll motion effect and results in a smoother more enjoyable cruising experience. She features 'at anchor stabilisers' which work at zero speed to increase onboard comfort at anchor and on rough waters. Quantum of Solace is built to comply to MCA and LR standards.














Robb Report for Casino Royale http://www.robbreport.com/categories/boating-and-yachting/NewAndNoteworthy.aspx

September 9, 2008
Bond Girl of the Sea

The new 163-foot Casino Royale, unveiled in July, pushed the Christensen shipyard to its limits. "The boat's owners have thirty-plus years of experience building different yachts," said Joe Foggia, Christensen president. "Their requests pushed us in many new creative directions."

Casino Royale's 6,900 square feet of interior space is a masterpiece of interwoven wood and stone, with Sapele mahogany raised-panel joinery and custom marble and granite work defining the salon and dining areas. The master stateroom also has the beautiful woodwork with intricate marble wainscoting. The spiral staircase of the entryway features sexy Bond-girl silhouettes etched into frosted panes of glass, and an intricately carved sculpture of a roulette wheel, made of petrified wood and stone, completes the Bond motif. The yacht, which has a transatlantic range of 4,500 miles, will be on display at this year's Fort Lauderdale, Florida, boat show. (www.christensenyachts.com)

Michael Verdon

CNN story on Casino Royale - http://www.cnn.com/2009/SPORT/01/16/007.superyacht/

Excerpt of article

The story
It may be named after the high-octane James Bond thriller, but does the latest offering from enthusiastic owner John Staluppi hit the jackpot?

"Casino Royale" was the first action-packed novel by Ian Fleming, paving the way for 11 more spy novels, and a catalogue of iconic films charting the adventures of secret service agent James Bond.

But it is also the name of the very latest in a line of yachts owned by renowned yachtsman John A. Staluppi -- all of which have been named after one of the Bond tales.

LONDON, England (SuperYachtWorld) -- It may be named after the high-octane James Bond thriller, but does the latest offering from enthusiastic owner John Staluppi hit the jackpot?

Bond style: Casino Royale is the latest in a series of 007-inspired super-yachts.

"Casino Royale" was the first action-packed novel by Ian Fleming, paving the way for 11 more spy novels, and a catalogue of iconic films charting the adventures of secret service agent James Bond.

But it is also the name of the very latest in a line of yachts owned by renowned yachtsman John A. Staluppi -- all of which have been named after one of the Bond tales.

They may well be tributes to 007, but Octopussy, Moonraker, Thunderball and The World is Not Enough are also some of the fastest super-yachts in the world. Octopussy was built in Holland and Moonraker in Norway, both from plans drawn by the innovative Dutch naval architect Frank Mulder, and Thunderball was designed and built by Dennison Yachts in Fort Lauderdale.

To build The World is Not Enough, John created Millennium Superyachts in 1998, a company that will be a vehicle for future builds.

It was the 43.5 meter Octopussy, which broke the 50-knot barrier 18 years ago, that first brought the name of New York-born John Staluppi to the attention of super-yacht aficionados.

The self-made millionaire left school when he was 16 and worked as a mechanic in Brooklyn before going on to start up one of the most successful car dealerships in North America -- a business that enabled him to indulge his passion for racing fast boats, and then later for super-yachts.

To build Casino Royale, Millennium Yachts has teamed up with the U.S.-based Christensen Shipyard, describing the new launch as the first of its "Millennium editions." Joe Foggia, president of Christensen Yachts, explains: "She has over 650 square meters of space on board -- that's a lot in a yacht of her length."

There is no doubt that John's vision and passion bring fervor and excitement to a sometimes conservative industry. There are, after all, few super-yachts aboard which you will be greeted by frosted-glass panels sweeping down the central staircase, delicately etched with the silhouettes of Bond girls.

And then there's the hand-crafted marble roulette wheel set into the deck of the main saloon, made by master-craftsman John Homchick at Christensen's dedicated marble shop.

Casino Royale isn't a speed machine to match his previous yachts but, as we chatted on the deck of his latest creation, it's very clear that John Staluppi is an owner who knows just want he wants. "So what is a super-yacht? To me, it has to be at least 120 feet overall with a master suite and four guest cabins, room for six crew and somewhere to carry the tender.

"And oh, one more thing, there has to be no teak. It adds weight, it's a pain in the butt to clean, and the oil gets all over my carpeting!" he says with a smile.

We look around and notice the acres of teak decking -- it's stunning, so perhaps this is one fight he's better off not winning.

The yacht's interior can best be described as richly ornate, yet it remains tasteful and has the softer touch of John's wife Jeanette in many of the living areas. Atop the divide sits a figurine of Vesper Lynd, the heroine from Casino Royale.

In terms of accommodation, John has achieved the optimal use of space he was looking for. The master stateroom is accessed through the owner's study with its dark, leather-topped mahogany desk and cream leather office chair. As you may expect from a James Bond fan, a gargantuan double bed dominates with a mirrored deck head above.

Below, the guest cabins are equally well-appointed and appear to be larger than the standard on most yachts of this size. Forward are two twin cabins; astern of them two suites with king-size bunks and further aft is a stunning full-beam VIP suite.

Two decks above is the elegant sky lounge -- a party room if ever we saw one. The onyx-topped bar is seductively illuminated from within the stonework and is a perfect spot to enjoy a vodka martini or two. The lounge also has a custom-designed entertainment center and a huge cinema display with a movie library that fittingly boasts every one of Commander Bond's adventure-packed movies.

Captain Zak Matten is pleased with the work so far: "I really like the way her bow and stern thruster work together. I can get her to move just about anywhere. I can even shift her sideways when I have to.

"Her maiden voyage was up into Alaska and we encountered our fair share of lumpy seas. This U.S.-built boat can hold her head up when compared to European yachts; she is up there with the best."

She may not have the speed of her predecessors in the Staluppi stable but Casino Royale is nevertheless an impressive yacht. She will bring her owners a lot of enjoyment, and for the guests who are lucky enough to be invited on board the party is about to begin.
Boat information

Length overall: 49.70 meters (163ft 0in)
Engines: Twin MTU 12V 4000 Series
Naval architect: Christensen Shipyard
Exterior styling: Christensen Shipyard
Interior designer: Jeanette Staluppi & Carol Williamson Associates
Owner's project manager: Zak Matten
Broker who introduced the client: Ocean Independence
Speed (max): 18 knots
Speed (cruise): 10 knots

Range at 10 knots: 4,300 nautical miles

Other press for Casino Royale


Mr. John Staluppi Grants Wishes by giving to the Make a Wish Foundation


John Staluppi knows he has the ability to make a difference in the lives of children who are battling life-threatening medical conditions. Through John Staluppi's generosity the Make a Wish Foundation have never turned away a medically-eligible child.

Over the years John Staluppi has been responsible for making the wishes of so many children come true. By adopting a child's wish, John Staluppi becomes a part of the magic of Make-A-Wish. Make a Wish has acknowledged John Staluppi's contributions. But most importantly, of course, is the satisfaction of knowing that John Staluppi has made a difference in the lives of children by making his or her wish come true!

If you would like to follow in the example of John Staluppi you too can make a wish come true. Remember wishes are like children - each one unique. Therefore, the cost to fund a wish varies widely depending on the nature of the wish and the geographic location of the child. The average cost of a wish is $5,000.

You don't need to be John Staluppi to give a child the priceless gifts of love, laughter and treasured memories by sponsoring his or her wish for $5,000. For a contribution of $2,500 your donation will be partnered with another donor to make a child's wish come true.

Fulfilling the Make a Wish Foundation mission of granting wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions would not be possible without the generous financial support of donors in the community like John Staluppi.

Behind every child's wish, there are special individuals, corporations, student organizations or foundations that made it possible. In fact, every unforgettable wish we grant is funded by private contributions. When you Adopt-A-Wish, you impact a family and create hope, strength and joy during a time when a family needs it most. The Make a Wish Foundation salutes their generous donors like John Staluppi who adopted wishes during our last fiscal year and those who made a child's wish come true during the current fiscal year. Thanks to John Staluppi and to the generosity of all involved.


Information on other Millennium Yachts

Yachts International Magazine
January 2005
Story: Jamie Welch


john staluppi

John Staluppi said "I don't want to be a traditionalist because I've never been one --I want to make high-speed yachts." John Staluppi told me at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show, where his boat received admiring praise from the public.

Although she's named after a fictional character, real government agents covet this high speed Millennium.

No kidding: a group of five U. S. military contractors interested in hull number two of the series were on board as we cruised up the Florida coast last fall with her captain, crew and Navel Architect Frank Mulder, the designer of the boat. Military intelligence -no oxymoron jokes please- was interested in the 140's Alustar hull speed, and made inquiries into building a second hull for drug smuggler rundowns in the islands.

Luckily for them, the government won't have to make the Faustian bargain that Frank Mulder had to make with regard to the design of the yacht- shaving the envelope as thin as possible to compensate for the marble and high glass burl walnut interior. They were interested in the stepped, deep-V Alustar hull-which was tank tested extensively and ranges in thickness from 12mm to 6mm-and the incredible turbine/waterjet propulsion package consisting of twin 5436-hp Paxman 18VP185 diesels employing twin Lipps wing jets with an award winning custom Renk gearbox for primary power and maneuvering; and twin 4600-hp Lycoming T40 turbines employing Lipps booster jets on a common, custom Allen gearbox. That's just over 20,000 horses if you do the math.

Due to unfavorable sea conditions our trip up the coast was planned as an --ahem--"slow" 45-knot cruise. Her initial sea trials in the North Sea last summer had already satisfied John Staluppi and Frank Mulder- The World is Not Enough had reached an incredible 66 knots at 90 percent power in cold water. Although we didn't see her opened up, for most of us onboard--excluding the very calm Captain Zak Matten and his wife and Chief Stew Vanessa; Designer Frank Mulder; John Staluppi; and Millennium project manager John Schmiemann--our ariel photography shoot had a tad bit of Bond-like suspense. Our hovering helicopter carrying photographer Billy Black was running low on fuel as we waited for an engine room ventilation hatch inspection by John Staluppi's engineer before captain Zak could engage the Lycoming turbines.

When the words "hatch is open," came over the pilothouse intercom I hailed our photographer in the chopper. Zak ever-so-gently awakened the horses in the engine room, and in seconds the Gulf Stream waters were filled with the sweet turbine sounds of a jet runway. On the flybridge I couldn't keep a toothy grin off my face, even when I noticed that our chopper pilot was finding it difficult to hover off the bow as the John Staluppi's Millennium hit 45 knots.So why build a 140' go-fast luxury yacht in this age of long range, fuel sipping expedition vessels? Ask John Staluppi, the yachting world's lone hero archetype, a man driven by imagination, pride, and--after 20 years in the luxury-go-fast-craze--endurance.

John Staluppi, a jovial, self-made millionaire owner from New York who is one of the most successful car dealers in America and who owns two business jets and a fleet of boats. John Staluppi started his career as an auto mechanic in Brooklyn, and at 16 was installing gas engines on his boss' runabouts. Eventually he started an auto dealership, made a small fortune and spent his free time in the Seventies and Eighties racing sportfishing yachts--beginning with a 40' Ocean--against his business partner and lifelong friend John Rosatti. The boat that put John Staluppi in the history books was the 143' Octopussy, a Frank Mulder design that broke the 50-knot barrier 18 years ago.

"In July of 1986, John Staluppi paid me a visit in Amsterdam," Frank Mulder said. "John Staluppi had already left me with a number of messages stating who John Staluppi was and what John Staluppi wanted to achieve with the turbine/waterjet propelled Octopussy: 50 knots. After a computer analysis I got back with John Staluppi and said that it was indeed possible."

Mulder designs went on to design seven more boats for John Staluppi, including the notable Goldeneye, Moonraker and Dillinger. Then in the mid-1990's John Staluppi started a new yacht company, Millennium Superyachts, which launched a line of 118' aluminum yachts built in Holland with sporty lines and elegant interiors. But there was a noticeable difference in the engine room.

"In 2000 I was coming back to Florida from the Bahamas on my Millennium 118', which was the 21 knot boat, and I realized that the trip was taking way too long." John Staluppi said. "Then I picked up an magazine and read an article about a 110' boat built for the king of Spain that reportedly went 67 knots, although it's never officially been clocked at that speed--some say she tops out at 61--and as I said, 'that's it.' I picked up the phone and called Frank Mulder right away and said, 'let's do it again.'"

The "it" of the conversation is the Millennium 140' The World is Not Enough, which will most likely elicit friendly challenges from European Kings and possibly compete in luxury yacht races. But ultimately--and indeed more importantly--John Staluppi has once again brought excitement to an otherwise stodgy industry with his vision and unmistakable personality. John Staluppi Said: "What is the definition of a luxury yacht?" To me it has to be at least 120' in overall length with a master and four guest state rooms, accommodations for six crew members and an on-board tender, and oh, one more thing-no teak; it adds weight, it's a pain to clean and the oil gets all over my carpeting. Like I tell my designer; 'no f--ing teak!'"

Although her power plant is awesome, The World is Not Enough is not only about performance. The fine interior, designed by John Staluppi's wife Jeanette and London based designer Evan Marshal, is just as luxurious as anything coming out of displacement yacht Dutch shipyards. The joinery is high gloss burl walnut with Nomex honeycomb coring, and soles are laser cut, cored marble.
"It's basically a European design and layout, but weight was a huge concern, and my experience designing aircraft helped out a lot, "Evan Marshall said. "Even though it had to be weight conscious, the interior still had to be comfortable, with no compromises in creature comforts. The trick is not to give it away that it's a lightweight, so when guests board at the dock they feel like it's a substantial displacement boat."

Styling stayed remarkably congruent with the interior design off the Millenniums, which Marshall first designed for John Staluppi in 1996. Accommodations are for ten guests in the main deck owner's suite plus five staterooms below. "John Staluppi wanted to introduce a 'wow' factor that reflects the high speed nature of the boat, but is very luxurious," Marshall said. "The main thing he wanted was a split master suite on the 118' and we've repeated that concept with the 140', so you could call it an evolution of the 118'. For the furnishings I went to Italy and Dubai with John Staluppi to find the right art work and decor items."

John Staluppi's, guests stepping through the stainless threshold from the aft deck, will be impressed with the saloon and dining room, which are separated by a wood credenza hiding a plasma TV. The beautiful marble sole in the dining room leads to the large entry foyer and circular staircase that descends to four guests suites below and spirals up to the skylounge. The commercial galley amidships on the main deck has it's own sidedeck entry and a comfortable breakfast nook. John Staluppi has set the crew accommodations between the pilothouse deck and the bow, and sleep eight in four luxurious staterooms.

The pilot house and skylounge deck, which has suites for the engineer and captain, are the most comfortable place to gather for the large group of admirers who were on our cruise up the gold coast. My favorite spot is in the skylounge with comfortable sofas, a 42" plasma TV and a glass topped, fully stocked bar.

Waiting for us at the dock in Riviera Beach was John Stallupi, who was obviously eager to get his boat over to the Bahamas where John Staluppi will be spending a well deserved vacation. As we went to press John Staluppi was still over in the Islands, enjoying his new yacht; John Staluppi most revolutionary to date. One thing will be certain: when John Staluppi decides to come back across the Gulf Stream this time John Staluppi won't have to worry about the trip taking too long.


MILLENNIUM SUPER YACHTS can be said to have begun in the 1980s, when John Staluppi built a triad of powerful megayachts whose names conjure the essence of opulence and responsive speed - Octopussy, Moonraker, and Thunderball - the fastest super yachts in the world. All three inspired by the visionary - John Staluppi . Octopussy was built in the Netherlands, John Staluppi built Moonraker in Norway - both from plans drawn by the innovative Dutch naval architect Frank Mulder. John Staluppi had Dennison Yachts designed and built Thunderball in Ft. Lauderdale. One of John Staluppi's unique Millennium Super Yacht awaits to be discovered by those few possessing the means and vision.


THE MILLENNIUM SUPER YACHT. Custom built, for you,by John Staluppi, to the exact dimensions of your imagination - to express your concept of freedom. With one, you may explore the geography of desire. And possess, Anguilla, Rapallo, the Ivory Coast, or the Koro Sea. John Staluppi pleasure is to bring into being that unique vessel of your deepest dreams. John Staluppi can use your naval architect and interior stylist, or assemble a team drawn from John Staluppi global manufacturing partnerships. John Staluppi will be pleased 'to go to any length' for you.


John Staluppi feels that dining should be an elligant occasion worthy of you and those who share in your most private life. While the sole nicoise is prepared and the table arranged, the Dining Room and Galley are hidden behind rotating handcrafted panels, which are cast and set in gold-leaf by Italian artisans. Their luminous inlays rhyme with those of the glass coffee table and the rich luster of the Salon's fine wood cabinetry and bar. Lighted Swarovski Crystal pendants embellish the mirrors set into the Foyer and Dining Room ceilings, revealing sparkling interior depths. The Dining Room table is inlaid, like the decorative panels, with intricate figures of gold. John Staluppi has had all this designed to the client's wishes.


John Staluppi has created large and luxurious Suites, so that all may sleep soundly and, during the waking hours, experience private pleasures fully. Through the port lights, the Mediterranean shimmers. The sea beats softly against the hull. Soft, too, are the light in the room, the fabrics and carpeting, the gleam of marble and Italian hand-crafted furniture. And the contoured surfaces that make John Staluppi's Millennium a Modernist touchstone. Tomorrow, you and your guests will explore a ruined Roman outpost on a rocky isle in the Aegean. The swift yacht tender will be ready for you.


John Staluppi does not build only super yachts: John Staluppi builds theatre stages on which a John Staluppi client can live, as if to a script written by their own imaginations. John Staluppi's vessels are custom built to indulge the appetites and fantasies of those rare individuals who can afford their complete satisfaction and realization. The John Staluppi Millennium's dramatic, streamlined presence proclaims inordinate speed and the devotion of John Staluppi's design team to the Modernist spirit. In their lines and in their lineage, John Staluppi's Millennium Super Yachts surrender to no other and compromise nothing. John Staluppi's yachts are the culmination of new marine technologies. The noon sun high above the Caribbean is dazzling. The hull and deck shine in it. The beach beyond the breakers is located in a mirage of yearning. All which you imagined your life would one day be - its shape, color, and scent - is yours.


NIGHT falls swiftly in these latitudes, and darkness will soon overcome the violet beams of sunset. Adjust the interior lighting to your mood. Take the Jurancon from the wine chiller. Now sit in the Salon and watch the stars lit sky and remember a night at a cafe in Monte Carlo or a tapas bar in Palma. You may, sit in the Recaro helmsman's chair and steer your Millennium to her secluded anchorage. She responds beautifully, almost instinctively. Or perhaps you prefer to leave night-running to the captain because the good white wine of Bearn has given you an appetite. The Salon is fragrant with orange and bay leaf. Your guests are appearing at their stateroom doors. Dinner is served al fresco on the flybridge. What is your pleasure?


AFTER a day of pleasure aboard a John Staluppi Millennium Super Yacht, you will relish sleep and those moments before sleep when you savor the lateness of the hour, the music of night, or a song on the radio in a language you are happy, for once, not to know. Outside, the moon is riding the black sky above Patagonia, or Antibes with its oranges and olives. You travel the world's oceans on a super yacht with systems designed to make you independent of shore. You have the imagination to reach beyond the common experience. And we can create a vessel suitable to your unique personality. If life is what you make of it, yours can be perfect from one end of the day to the other aboard a John Staluppi Millennium Super Yacht.

John Staluppi, THE FOUNDER of Millennium Super Yachts, Mr. John Staluppi, established the John Staluppi enterprise in 1998 to perfect the megayachts John Staluppi had owned earlier. Megayachts that had been built to his John Staluppi individual design briefs, to embody his John Staluppi conception of oceanic travel. John Staluppi has established in the Palm Beaches, Florida, a headquarters for Millennium's sales, marketing, and support activities. John Staluppi has assembled a highly proficient, international team of professionals, with many decades of super yacht experience among them, to realize their vision and our clients' expectations. Interior architects in the Netherlands. Master boat builders from the Continent.

John Staluppi hired ARTISANS and cabinetmakers from Italy. These are representative of a suppliers' list that includes more than 100 international marine products and services companies. John Staluppi's Millennium Super Yachts are built to the highest standards, John Staluppi uses the finest systems and equipment gathered from the most reliable sources in the world. John Staluppi follows Standards set forth by international classification societies. John Staluppi wishes, above all, to leave as the John Staluppi legacy what was begun by John Staluppi in the 1980s, in John Staluppi's Octopussy,John Staluppi's Moonraker, and John Staluppi's Thunderball. The lineage of John Staluppi's Millennium Super Yachts. John Staluppi stands ready to build one to the dictates of your unique vision.


LOCATED in the Palm Beaches, Florida, John Staluppi's Millennium Super Yachts maintains a modern yard and headquarters on the Intracoastal Waterway. Here, we John Staluppi consults with our worldwide clients to elaborate the specifications dictated by their individual desires for oceanic vessels with uncommon speed and luxury. Here, too, John Staluppi coordinates the custom construction and completion of Millennium Super Yachts, to those specifications. Completed John Staluppi's Millennium yachts are moored, awaiting sea trials by their new owners or their representatives, at our(John Staluppi) state-of-the-art yacht yard. Located on the 14-acre facility is the John Staluppi Millennium Super Yacht Service Center, completely equipped and staffed with experienced technicians and marine trades responsible for the competent servicing of our John Staluppi products. Typical, perhaps, of John Staluppi thorough commitment to owner support is a 150- and a 300-ton Travelift, capable of raising a Millennium 151'. With our deepwater Intracoastal Waterway location and ocean access just minutes away, owners or their captains are able to avail themselves of comprehensive support to ensure their vessels' expeditious return to sea.

MILLENNIUM SUPER YACHTS by John Staluppi has been pleased to present you this description of John Staluppi custom-building capabilities. John Staluppi hopes that your curiosity has been aroused. John Staluppi prefers to think that if you are considering the purchase of a super yacht, you will now be favorably inclined toward Millennium Super Yachts by John Staluppi. Vessels whose worth will be measured favorably against all competitors for generations to come. Whose ultimate worth to you will be measured by their manifold opportunities for pleasure and refreshment, as well as their exceptional performance and seakeeping ability. John Staluppi invites you to contact John Staluppi, should you have questions left unanswered, or wish to arrange a consultation with John Staluppi.

Millennium Super Yachts built by John Staluppi, deliver exciting style, breathtaking speed, unsurpassed luxury, total comfort and solid value. Millennium Yachts by John Staluppi are constructed of state-of-the-art composites to enhance performance. All John Staluppi Millennium Yachts feature innovative, aerodynamic profiles that also streamline maintenance.The John Staluppi hull designs are rigorouslytank-tested to meet demanding standards for safe offshore performance in all weather conditions, in all the world's oceans.

Beginning with five models, the John Staluppi Millennium Series offers yachting enthusiasts a full range of possibilities from high-speed sport boats to luxury fishing machines to glamorous cruising yachts. Every John Staluppi Millennium Yacht is optimized for stability, offshore performance and self-sufficient luxury living dockside or at anchor. With lines by noted naval architect Frank Mulder working forJohn Staluppi and interior concepts by the innovative Evan Marshall working for John Staluppi, these yachts represent the first fresh thinking of the Millennium. Exclusively developed by the John Staluppi Golden Yachts, the John Staluppi Millennium series offers buyers the personalization of a custom yacht delivered with the ease and confidence usually associated only with production yachts. John Staluppi works within fixed hull and superstructure parameters, John Staluppi Millennium yacht buyers can customize accommodation layouts, finishes and engines to their heart's delight, creating yachts detailed for corporate, charter or family use. The John Staluppi Millennium design and construction team takes care of all the demands of yacht specifications and building supervision so each customer receives a unique, turn-key, hassel-free yacht ready to enjoy. Millennium Yachts by John Staluppi are built under contract exclusively to Golden Yachts at some of the world's best shipyards. In addition, John Staluppi's Golden Yachts operates its own commissioning, service and refit facility on 15 acres just north of the Port of Palm Beach.